Davros Head

The Davros head has been developed to allow you to convert other shooting support systems such as Primos Trigger sticks, Tripods etc to benefit from the Spartan Quick magnetic attachment system.

Order your Davros and see how this changes your approach to hunting and taking the perfect shot.

** Please note adapters are not included with this product and will need to be purchased separately.** 

  • It has has been designed as an easy retro-fit option for users that already own quality photographic tripod systems, but are looking for the the advantages of the ‘Spartan’ magnetic attachment system.
  • The ‘Davros’ head not only provides the full benefits of instant attachment & stabilisation, and the ability to instantly swap between rifle, optics & other devices.
  • The design permits a large range of articulation from its friction adjustable ball joint, making it suitable for shooting and observing over uneven terrain.
  • The ‘Davros’ head is specifically designed to be a straight forward retro-fit option to the existing 3/8 UNC threads found in tripod systems.
  • It simply screws on to the tripod, immediately converting them for use with the full  range of ‘Spartan’ 12mm rifle & optics adapters.
  • Davros Head units are CNC machined using high grade AL7075-T7351 aerospace quality aluminium.

Use of this product with third party equipment is at the user’s risk. Spartan Precision equipment does not accept responsibility for failure to any products other than their own.


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