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  • Javelin Bipod Rifle Adapter Plates


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  • Javelin Jane Long Legs

    Carbon Fiber leg extensions for the Javelin, Spartan 300 and Blaser Bipods. These extensions will give added stability and height when you are in long grass, or steep terrain and require additional height.  The extensions also add clearance for rifles with larger capacity magazines. We only stock the 50cm (19.7″) and 60cm (23.6″) size but can order in any of the other sizes upon request. The leg extensions are sold as pairs. Simple remove the lower leg section from your existing bipod and replace with the length of your choice.

    The ideal height for sitting
    They weigh less than 3.52 oz (100 grams)
    They have the same quick twist lock as the original legs
    They are interchangeable with all Javelins and Blaser bipods

    • Quick twist lock
    • Interchangeable with all Javelins and Blaser bipods
    • Two piece foot with rubber boot
    • Weights per pair are; 20cm(7.87in)= 2.45oz, 30cm(11.81in)= 2.82oz, 40cm(15.74in)= 3.17oz, 50cm(19.6in)= 3.52oz 60cm (23.62in)= 3.96oz


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  • Javelin Super-Lite Carbon Fiber Bipod

    The Javelin MkII is the result of 5 years of development and feedback from many of the 6000 owners around the world.

    You’ve asked, we’ve listened!

    It is made from ultra strong carbon fiber and 7075 aerospace aluminium so it weighs a fraction of regular bipods. The Javelin uses rare earth magnets to connect the bipod to the rifle.

    New features include:

    • much wider stance for even greater stability
    • removeable leg stops to prevent pulling them out
    • long tight rubber boots
    • tungsten tips for rock and ice

    The bipod is attached to the rifle instantly via a powerful rare earth magnet. Weighing a mere 5oz which is about a third the weight of most bipods, you won’t even notice it collapsed in your pocket. You’ll like it even more if you use a moderator as nearly all bipods severely affect the balance of a lightweight rifle. It has a built in cant system for uneven terrain so you can always get a level shot. With 120 degrees of smooth rotation you can track your target without having to lift and re-position your rifle.

    Additional benefits which seasoned hunters will be familiar with:

    • It won’t dig into your shoulder like a regular bipod
    • It won’t scare your quarry as there are no springs or catches
    • Your rifle will fit in your gun scabberd again
    • It won’t get in the way when using shooting sticks or other support aids
    • You won’t be lugging any extra weight around
    • You only need one bipod for all your rifles

    This standard version of the ultra lightweight bipod provides a ground to stock height of 17-24cm (6.5-9.5″) and just 20cm (8″) when folded in your pocket.

    The long version of the ultra lightweight Javelin bipod provides an extended ground to stock height of 22-32cm (8.5-13″) and less than 24cm (9.5″) in your pocket.

    One free adapter is included with each bipod purchased. Please select adapter style from drop down box. ADAPTER IS REQUIRED


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  • Leather Holster

    Our new leather holsters for your Javelin or Spartan 300 are made from the best grade leather in both black and brown. Belt hung, lightweight and durable they are a great addition to you spartan kit. Suitable for all lengths of leg including our extension kits.


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  • Niggeloh Sling

    The ultimate bipod deserves the ultimate sling. We chose Niggeloh of Germany, the best company in the business to make our new sling. Niggeloh are the global leader for rifle slings and are true to their slogan, “carrying at it’s best”.

    The sling is made from genuine calf leather and neoprene so it’s extremely comfortable and lightweight.

    The pockets are deep enough for the standard or long Javelin and there’s a flap with a ferrous insert which connects to the spigot magnet to keep it in place.

    It features Niggeloh’s clever fasteners for attaching to the rifle and also to change the flap position.

    The Javelin slides into one of 2 pockets so it’s ready in a jiffy when you need it.

    The two pockets allow you to carry barrel up or down depending on your preference.

    The sling can be quickly fitted to all regular swivels (European and US) as the webbing is 20mm wide.


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